Thirsty Hippos and Giant Mushrooms

Glenrothes Town Art

Historic Scotland have recently produced a series of self-guide walking tours covering public art in Glenrothes, much of which was the work of David Harding who was appointed Town Artist in 1968.  The tours, along with other information about the Glenrothes public art project can be downloaded here.  Reflections of David Harding on his time as Town Artist can be found on the blog of artists Neville Rae and Scott Laverie.

The Historic Scotland website explains:

Glenrothes has a distinctive and diverse collection of art works set within a carefully planned urban landscape, dating from 1965 to the present. Often taking the history of the area as its inspiration, the art defines the identity of the town. The study has highlighted the importance of Glenrothes in the story of Scotland’s public art and also tells us much about the development of our five New Towns. The works are unique, but can also be appreciated as a collective whole, and a small number were recently recognised as listed buildings.

Go to Glenrothes and see the Thirsty Hippos and Giant Mushrooms!

– Hannah


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