Fieldwork Spring 2012

We will soon be kicking off the first proper round of project fieldwork so do keep checking for updates on our ‘Fieldwork’ pages.  Lined up are churches and chaplaincies in Manchester; car parks in Westminster; a ‘civic plunge’ of town halls in London; some seaside marvels in Frinton; and also a trip to Sheffield for the Twentieth Century Society’s AGM.



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3 responses to “Fieldwork Spring 2012

  1. Hi Hannah,
    It’d be good to tag along with you in Sheffield – when is the AGM? Are you going to the Gleadless estate? Alternatively, it would be great to meet up in Lincoln again for a wander – here’s a taster of what’s here:
    Best, Ian

  2. Hello Ian,
    Details about the AGM can be found here:

    I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to make it, but one of the team (i.e. Ruth or Hilary) will be there so do let us know if you end up going. C20 have a series of places to visit lined up as part of the weekend – but not sure the Gleadless Estate is part of it. I’ll be disappointed if I can’t make it. I was an undergrad in Sheffield so like any excuse to go back to the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire.

    Following the taster that Ruth and I had of the Ermine Estate last July I (and most probably ‘we’!) would definitely like to take you up on the offer of a Lincoln wander. Maybe some point over Easter?

    • Hello Hannah,
      Thanks for the info. I won’t be able to make the AGM as I’m at the ‘Affective Landscapes’ conference at Derby that weekend. Shame – apart from anything else, I have great memories of The Limit Club, The Crazy Daisy and others in Sheffield, c.1980, and would’ve liked a good look around the Castle Market apart from anything else.

      Do come to Lincoln sometime – Easter would be good, I’m away 4-15th April but before or probably after would be great! Have a chat with others, check your diaries and let me know.


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