Tall Tales

I just came across a project being run by the UCL Urban Lab and Centre for Advanced Spatial Studies.  It’s entitled Tall Tales and the aim is try and get as many people as possible to post photos and personal narratives about favourite or significant tall buildings.  They’re working with a broad definition: high-rise council blocks, office buildings…”any building that is taller than it is wide.”  The crowd sourced map that’s being produced is restricted to London only at the moment, although it looks like a lot of the tall tales that have been submitted are about buildings far beyond the capital (which I think is good).  I will be getting a user account and posting about my top tall builds.

But which to choose?  Perhaps I’ll stick local and put up the windmill in Craggs Row in Preston.  I love this photo, which apparently dating from 1965.  Fascinating contrast of the defunct industrial building and the pristine modern block behind.  I’m still not entirely sure where the photographer would have been positioned to get that perspective.   The windmill is far shorter than the (now demolished) tower block behind.

I went to take a look at the windmill the other weekend, it’s still there, though looking rather forlorn as it is surrounded by some rather nasty razor wire and some painfully depressing attempts at ‘city living’ flats.  Blandville.  Hooray for the longevity of the Craggs Row Windmill (it’s thought to have been around since the late 18th century is the only remaining example of its type in Preston today).  Odd to think it is now entering its third century when the block behind bareley scraped past 40 years.

– Hannah


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