RGS-IBG 2012 Edinburgh

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The Culture of Enthusiasm

Almost forgot…quick session update: Geographies of Enthusiasm: Exploration and Fieldwork. We are pleased to announce the inclusion of a paper by Luke Bennett (Sheffield Hallam University):

Defensive enthusiasm: anoraks, bunkers and the erotics of knowledge
In his seminal Bunker Archeology (1994: 11) Paul Virilio describes the moment in the late 1950s that he suddenly ‘noticed’ the ubiquitous abandoned Nazi coastal bunkers of the Atlantikwall. He asks himself “why would these extraordinary constructions, compared to seaside villas, not be perceived or even recognised?” and thereafter commits himself to “hunt[ing] these grey forms until they would transmit to me a part of their mystery”. This paper will examine the ways in which contemporary bunker-hunters enchant the UK’s own more modest twentieth century concrete defensive structures through the enthusiastic attention that they lavish upon these prosaic ‘non-places’ (Augé 1995). The paper will outline the diverse range of motivations and methods that can be…

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