Our architectural enthusiasms…

In our project we’ve been thinking about the different ways that individuals and groups of people celebrate, campaign for and are generally enthusiastic about twentieth century architecture. Sometimes we’ve been asked if we are enthusiasts. I think I may have given myself away in the latest edition of The Modernist magazine. This is a publication I have been a fan of since its first issue.

In issue no.9 you’ll find a piece by me about Bayko – a building toy. So, yes. I am an enthusiast of twentieth century architecture in many guises. But one of my obsessions over the past year or so has been Bayko, or what I like to think of as suburbia in a box.




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– Hannah


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  1. If I’ve learned one thing, over the decades, through my obsession with BAYKO, it’s just how good much of twentieth century architecture can be. Once you’ve learned to make thoroughly convincing twenty first century models out of, essentially, 1930s components, you learn to appreciate the subservience of the medium to the skill of the architect – and few buildings typify that better than Preston bus station. As a child of near by Blackburn, however, I have to confess to ‘not having noticed’ the bus station in my early years.

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