Architectural Enthusiasm

This collaborative project brings together early career researchers with expertise in urban culture and enthusiasm in order to develop a richer and more complex geography of architecture. The research extends work on feelings ‘of’, ‘in’ and ‘about’ buildings (Jacobs 2006, Rose et al. 2010, Lees and Baxter 2011) by attending to the conceptual intricacies of architectural enthusiasm, namely how people experience buildings as a pastime, how modern architecture becomes classified as heritage, how sites and buildings are valued and what role enthusiasts and amenity societies play in preserving the recent past. This project will highlight the importance of taking the affective, material and spatial aspects of enthusiasm seriously in the study of buildings and architectural conservation.


2 responses to “Architectural Enthusiasm

  1. hi, maureen from the manchester modernist society here. this sounds really interesting and relevent to our own small endeavours in this field. id love to find out more or even help in any way….is it possible to get involved?

    • Hello Maureen, thank for your message and sorry for not replying sooner. I’m based in Preston so would love to meet up to chat about our project and find out more about the Manchester Modernist Society – I notice that you’ve done some things in conjunction with the Twentieth Century Society in the past. I’m signed up for the screening of Bataville on the 26th, maybe that could be a good time to hook up?
      – Hannah

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