This section of our site documents our fieldwork adventures with The Twentieth Century Society and its members, as well as other events and activities associated with our project.

Walk 1: Post-War Paddington

Walk 2: Harrow & Wealdstone

Walk 3: Infra_MANC/Mancunian Way

Walk 4: Manchester’s Post-War Chapels, Churches and Chaplaincies

Walk 5: Westminster Parking

Walk 6: The Civic Plunge Revisited

Walk 7: Frinton-on-Sea

Walk 8: Upminster – coming soon

Walk 9: Preston and Leyland

Twentieth Century Society AGM: Sheffield

Modernist Edinburgh Tour

St Peters Seminary/Kilmahew Estate with The Invisible College

Report: Cultures of Architectural Enthusiasm Day 1


3 responses to “Fieldwork

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  2. Adam

    Hi, Just wondering how come you chose the H&W walk ? Tc.

    • DrHG

      Hi Adam, H&W was selected because it is an area that developed largely between the wars and therefore is important for understanding c20 landscape. It was fascinating to consider c20 architecture as part of everyday life. Thanks for the question.

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