The Researchers


Routemaster bus tour, June 2013, organised as part of our Cultures of Architectural Enthusiasm event.


Dr Hilary Geoghegan

I am a social and cultural geographer who researches impassioned knowledges and ways of being through an attention to relations between people and the material world. My research interests encompass the cultural, emotional, material and sensual knowledges and practices that make life worth living, specifically attending to geographies of expertise and practice, theories of enthusiasm and cultures of climate change. To date I have investigated the human geographies of technology enthusiasm in groups, museums and the home, as well as climate change in the familiar landscapes of everyday life. My research focuses on questions at the intersection of the social and environmental sciences and I have expertise in qualitative methodologies, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, textual analysis and questionnaires. I am experienced in delivering participant-relevant and impactful research as evidenced by my successful collaborations with the Science Museum (London), Natural England and the National Trust.

Dr Hannah Neate

 I am a cultural and historical geographer with research interests in urban cultures, geographies of art and geographies of architecture.  Since December 2015 I have been Lecturer in Human Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Other related projects:

– Preston Bus Station: Heritage, Regeneration, Resistance (in collaboration with Dr Mark Toogood, UCLan).  Funded by Manchester Geographical Society.

See:  Toogood, M. and Neate, H. (2013) Preston Bus Station: Heritage, Regeneration, and Resistance. North West Geography, 13(1), pp. 10-19. ( 

From December 2011-November 2015 I was Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Central Lancashire.

From September 2009- November 2011 I was a Teaching Fellow at the Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh where I taught, amongst other things, a specialist course on urban utopias of the twentieth century.

From 2006-2010 I carried out my doctoral research at the University of Nottingham, funded by the AHRC.  This research looked at the cultural geographies of Nottingham in the 1960s.

Dr Ruth Craggs

I am a cultural and historical geographer whose research focuses on the Commonwealth, decolonization and the modern. My interest in mid-century architecture stems from an obsession with the fate of the Commonwealth Institute building in London (opened in 1962 and the subject of fierce debate over its future over  last ten years), and from a broader interest in the cultural and political legacies of the post-war period. I am now an architectural enthusiast! I am a participant in and contributer to Hilary and Hannah’s British Academy funded project on the 20th Century Society and am interested in Conserving the 20th Century more broadly.


2 responses to “The Researchers

  1. Hi everyone,
    I’ve just noticed Hannah’s post about the council estate symposium that was held in Lincoln in June that I co-organised. Thank you for your kind words about it. You might be interested in a blog I’ve started called ‘An Instance of a changed society’ (link below) which is about my work on the Middlefield Lane estate in Gainsborough Lincolnshire. Please have a look and let me know what you think – spread the word about it also if you would and I will do likewise for yours. Your project looks very interesting, and well done for getting the British Academy grant. I’ve just put in a bid to the AHRC Connected Communities scheme so fingers crossed.
    With best wishes,
    Ian Waites

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